CAPriCORN’s Response to COVID-19

CAPriCORN and its member institutions are fully engaged on the front line of responding to the COVID crisis, both as healthcare-providing entities and as partners to public health leveraging the power of our collaborative data network. CAPriCORN is working rapidly to bring together clinical data on how COVID-19 spreads and affects patient outcomes, so leaders can make more informed decisions on treatment and resource allocation.

Members of a workstream led by Bill Trick, MD, and Dan Schneider, MS, have developed a COVID-19 common data model (CDM) integrated with the CAPriCORN and PCORNet common data model to extract out a consistent set of clinical and operational data to inform a public health response and time-sensitive research needs. CAPriCORN is also part of the PCORnet HERO trial, a registry and clinical trial measuring the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in preventing COVID-19 infections among healthcare workers. More details available here.

CAPriCORN’s collaborative spirit, cross-institutional relationships, and data infrastructure developed over the last several years have prepared our consortium to tackle the current issues head-on. We are committed to enabling the use of evidence-based information to inform healthcare and policy decisions. 

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