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By working with CAPriCORN data, researchers and community members can gain valuable insights about population- and patient-level health in Chicagoland. Exploring a research question? Interested in better understanding your community?

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A Variety of Data

CAPriCORN can support your project with rich data. Based on your specifications, we can pull overall counts and patient-level data on demographics, encounters, vitals, diagnoses, and more. See the Common Data Model Data Dictionary for a complete list of available topics.

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The Homelessness Project at the scale realized would not have been possible without the CAPriCORN infrastructure. The infrastructure provided working relationships between major healthcare institutions in the city of Chicago, a standardized data model for efficient extraction and linkage, a process for performing de-identified data linkage, and an honest broker to link data without the possibility of re-identification.

‐ William Trick, MD, Cook County Health (CCH)