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CAPriCORN is your go-to partner for research on Chicago-area health. We are there with you the entire way, starting with letters of support and feasibility of potential studies. We can provide aggregate counts based on demographics, disease counts, utilization, and more.  To support efforts with existing research, CAPriCORN helps with cohort discovery and provides patient-level data that can be used immediately upon receipt. Direct patient recruitment for clinical trials can be arranged through partnerships with CAPriCORN network sites.

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Collaborating with Us

Join the growing number of researchers who have relied on CAPriCORN for their health data needs. Not only do we provide the data you need to answer pressing health questions – we offer collaboration that helps cultivate your research.



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How It Works

From providing letters of support and feasibility counts for grant applications, to identifying population-level totals and analyzing patient-level information, CAPriCORN is your source for Chicagoland health data.

How It Works

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Available Data

CAPriCORN represents 12 million+ patients who have sought care within the extended networks of our 10 sites.  Demographics, disease conditions, and healthcare encounters are among the data points available to researchers and community members.

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The Homelessness Project at the scale realized would not have been possible without the CAPriCORN infrastructure. The infrastructure provided working relationships between major healthcare institutions in the city of Chicago, a standardized data model for efficient extraction and linkage, a process for performing de-identified data linkage, and an honest broker to link data without the possibility of re-identification.

‐ William Trick, MD, Cook County Health (CCH)

CAPriCORN is working to improve the health of patients and communities.

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