CHAIRb Simplifies the Approval Process

The Chicago Area Institutional Review Board (CHAIRb) serves as the central IRB for CAPriCORN-supported research. When you work with CHAIRb, you’ll receive support from the CAPRiCORN “Front Door” team to launch a coordinated approach that spans institutions. CHAIRb uses the SMART IRB platform to streamline the initiation of multisite studies.

As with other IRBs, CHAIRb helps facilitate the research process by:

CHAIRb board members have broad knowledge of federal regulations, and community members actively participate to ensure patient perspectives are represented. Board diversity, in-person meetings, and the desire to assist new researchers all contribute to benefits of working with CHAIRb.

CAP chairb chart

Initiate a Review

To initiate a review with CHAIRb, investigators must first complete the “Front Door” form for a project and gain Steering Committee approval.

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By connecting data from many institutions to create a more complete picture of what affects health, CAPriCORN enables ambitious research that matters to patients.

‐ Abel Kho, MD, Principal Investigator, CAPriCORN

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