Elevating the Patient Voice in Research

Increasing Patient Participation in Research

The “Elevating the Patient Voice in Research” project is designed to increase patient participation in research and guide future health research priorities. Made possible through a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award for Conference Support, activities span one year.

Beginning in fall 2019, the CAPriCORN Patient Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) and the Health & Medicine Policy Research Group are partnering with local organizations to gather input from a wide range of community members. The opinions collected from the sessions and a community-based survey ultimately will lead to a report to share community findings, identify research priorities, and make a plan to distribute information to a wider healthcare audience.

Collaborators Elevating the Patient Voice in Research

Findings Report

As a result of project activities, the project team has assembled findings and recommendations into a final report.

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To learn more about our project, email us at info@hmprg.org or call (312) 372-4292.  You can also read about our work on PCORI’s website at www.pcori.org/research-results/2019/elevating-patient-voice-research.

‘Elevating the Patient Voice in Research’ provides us the opportunity to continue promoting health equity by working with patients to identify research priorities that may influence the future of health care and health outcomes.

‐ Margie Schaps, MPH, Executive Director, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group