Secure Querying of Clinical Quality Measures for Hypertension

This study will re-evaluate and update the findings of a recent CAPriCORN protocol investigating population-wide patterns of hypertension, stratified by race, gender, ethnicity, age range, and geography.

Investigators will run the prior study protocol using a novel cryptographic overlay system (VaultDB) that enables them to receive the results without any data movement from electronic health records (EHRs) at their site of origin (the healthcare site’s local data mart). It evaluates SQL with cryptographic protocols that simulate the presence of a trusted third-party data broker by passing encrypted messages amongst the data contributors.

VaultDB answers the data query over union of the records of multiple data partners such that the data contributors learn nothing about the input of their peers and the honest broker learns nothing except the output of a query.

This model of secure multiparty computing eliminates the movement or copying of protected health information (PHI) from data contributors to any third party, while supporting fast and efficient studies of EHR data for public health.

Principal Investigator

Jennie Rogers, PhD, Northwestern University


National Science Foundation

CAPriCORN Network Collaborators